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DW Practice

Business Intelligence Infrastructure (BII) is fast becoming the essential approach that corporations are utilizing to yield answers to their key strategic and operational business questions in real-time. Unfortunately, the lack of data transparency across fragmented application silos and the inability to deliver time critical information to business users is inhibiting the success of every BII or DW initiative.

For a company to achieve financial transparency and for you to have 100% confidence in the data driving their business results, accurate, clean and consistent data must be available whenever and wherever it’s needed. This clean and consistent data is made available through data warehouse (DW).

Data Stage

IBM WebSphere DataStage is of the industry leading Extract, Transform, Lead (ETL) tools in the market used to transfer the data from old legacy systems to the new DW systems. DataStage offers the most powerful ETL solution.

The other unique abilities of DataStage are:

  • Most Powerful ETL Solution
  • Most Scalable Platform
  • Most Comprehensive Source and Target Support
  • Real-time Data Integration Support (RTI)
  • Complete Connectivity Between Any Data Source and Any Application

Savvy Computer Solutions employees have excelled in implementing the solutions to its clients using DataStage. Savvy Computer Solutions has introduced and implemented DW solutions to its clients. Our domain knowledge in different verticals of the industry and cost-effective solutions helped our clients realize, implement and deploy their projects successfully.

QOD QIS On Demand is a new product being developed Savvy Computer Solutions.


  • Business Activity Monitoring
  • Data Consolidation
  • Data Migration
  • Data Synchronization
  • Data Warehousing
  • Integration Competency Centers
  • Mainframe Access
  • SAP Integration

Savvy Computer Solutions employees have a proved track record of successfully implementing DW projects using Informatica for its clients and partners who teamed up with Savvy Computer Solutions to provide the services to the enterprises through out the industry.


Business Objects (BO) unlike DataStage and Informatica is used to generate the reports for the Business Executives to make informed decisions. These reports are derived from the data present in the DW. BO is a product of Business Objects Corp.

Savvy Computer Solutions has implemented Business Intelligence (BI) solutions using BO to its clients. The availability of the reports from these BI projects helped the client’s manager’s make the informed decisions which in turn has improved the Sales of the clients.