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Offshore Services

Offshore access to reliable and advanced services is becoming a common strategy for companies to cut costs on development and implementation of services. Savvy Computer Solutions provides the opportunity to leverage the unrestricted high quality services of its knowledge centre in India. Savvy Computer Solutions has better solutions for all your requirements with its skilled and dedicated manpower.

We help software companies gain a competitive advantage through our offshore development services to realize the benefits of shorter software development cycles,faster time to market, and reduced software development costs. Our onsite-offshore-offsite delivery model can provide tremendous return on investment and flexibility to meet the client’s needs.


  • Cost benefits
  • Low Investments
  • Reliability in every aspect of business
  • Eliminates Turnover risk
  • Unrestricted access to Experts
  • High degree of Coordination & Communication
  • Operational diversity
  • Knowledge Diversity
  • Low Supervision
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Whether you’re looking to hire, or be hired, Savvy Computer Solutions can help. We specialize in enterprise-wide consulting and custom application development. Learn more today.

Performance Evaluation

Once we have delivered the right professionals to our clients, we continue to maintain open and frequent communication with our clients and resources. Savvy Computer Solutions strongly believes that evaluating personnel performance on a regular basis will result in a more successful consultant and client collaboration.

We also believe that client feedback and inspection calls are critical in the evaluation process. In a majority of cases, Savvy Computer Solutions, in conjunction with the client’s hiring manager, will evaluate a consultant’s performance on a quarterly basis. Our consultants are specifically evaluated on areas including productivity, communication, management skills, personnel development and leadership skills.

In addition to client feedback, upon joining a new project and on an incremental basis while retained on a project, Savvy Computer Solutions works with the resources to set goals and expectations. In order to ensure these goals are realistic and attainable, the hiring manager is often included in this process on quarterly basis.

As a result of our dedication to performance evaluations, Savvy Computer Solutions resources have received accoldaes of excellence for their work from their clients. Our belief 10 years of experience in various fields of technology is the foundation of Savvy Computer Solutions. We come up with different business models which are rich source of quality work, as we understand our customer’s business models more than anyone. We review with utmost care and come up with problematic areas while our solutions are independently managed at various levels of business.