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How we work

Join us and get your career on the fast track. As the nation’s premier technological company, we are passionate about deploying high-caliber IT and communications expertise. To satisfy our constant need for expertise, we actively seek talented technical professionals with all levels of information technology and communications skills. We know that every professional has different needs, so we’ll work together to determine a suitable benefits package.

Professional Placement Services

Savvy Computer Solutions provides professional staffing to a wide variety of companies from fortune 500 to medium size companies. We are capable of meeting the expectations of this cross section of the business community because our empowered, highly trained, experienced staff focuses on each position. Your open job position or job search will be given personalized attention unparalleled in the staffing industry.

Placing great people in the right positions is the key to achieving outstanding business and career development results. Operating with a huge talent across several markets in United States, we have gained the respect of job seekers and employers alike by matching the right people with the right employers and that means great results for all concerned.

Professional Experienced Staff

We have consistent quality reputation due to the experience and attention to detail our staff provides each client or candidate. With offices in North America and India you will find we have the Power of a National Company with all the Attention of Our Local Offices. We have built a reputation for understanding our clients and exceeding their expectations while providing temporary project and permanent placement solutions that perfectly match their needs. We conduct in-depth personal interviews, carefully screening each candidate’s references and credentials, including academics.

IT Placement

Our recruiting staff can help locate the personnel with the skill set you desire. The prescreening process will save you valuable time rather than having to review countless resumes that may not fit your needs.

Upon finding suitable candidates either with our recruiting service or with your own resources, we can assist in the interview process with a through, thought out technical questioning. With our experience we are able to determine the questions needed to quickly determine technical ability and personality necessary for offering the type of service you want from your internal IT department.

The Savvy Computer Solutions recruiting and interviewing services may be used jointly or separately to suit your needs.

Good business is based on good policy and procedures. We can help your business develop and implement the policies needed to provide a secure and stable network as well as reduce liability. As a result, your employees will know your position on issues that legally affect the company on topics such as software piracy, Internet usage, and proprietary information. Further, we can help you document best practice methodologies for a more efficient and streamline IT environment. We will work with your staff to determine what your policy needs and level of strictness are. Like our IT documentation service, our policies and procedures can be scaled to your need. All policies and procedures are custom designed for your company and you will never be shoe horned in to a “one policy fits all” that causes more burden than benefit.

Better Candidates

We receive hundreds of resumes each week for any given job. Among those, there may be a handful of qualified candidates. Our Staffing Team takes the time to review each resume, narrow down the prospects, and then thoroughly research the candidate’s credentials. Then we begin our interview process. After our standard question-and-answer period, a phone interview, and a face-to-face meeting at our office or a Skype call, we then decide if the candidate is a good fit with our client’s needs.

Examples of strategic solutions include but are not limited to :

  • Managed Staffing Solutions
  • Dedicated account management support staff
  • Consultative Business Reviews
  • On-site Management of Your Contingent Workforce
  • Flexible Staffing to Match the Fluctuations in your Personnel Requirements
  • National Service Contracts
  • Outplacement Programs including
  • Transitional Staffing and Management during Major Business Changes
  • Master Vendor Relationships Where we manage the Services of Multiple Staffing Providers
  • Benchmarking and sharing of best practices
  • Assessment Services for Your Permanent or Contingent Staff
  • National Recruiting Center-creative recruiting solutions to supplement local branch efforts