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Engagement Models

Our Working models help us expedite the deliverables at the client’s base. We understand the specific business wants and apply impertinent ways in order to deliver coherent solutions. Our client engagement models ensure speedy, client-friendly and cost-effective solutions that serve to differentiate us from regular IT companies in the business.

The objective of any engagement model would be to provide a virtual team to the system integrator while adjusting the level of commitment, level of control, investment required (both time and money) and the cost savings generated through offshore economics to optimum levels for the situation at hand.

There are four engagement models that move from a low involvement, low control mode to a very high involvement, very high control mode. They are:

  • Project Subcontracting – This is a great way to start with off shoring – the assurance to the offshore vendor ends with the end of the project and the deliverables are perfectly timed. The backlogs of this model include the fact that communication lines established over the course of a project might be lost and any new project would involve building the communication & collaboration infrastructure again.
  • Clutch Team – Mini team of resources that are designed to work from a retained Business Partner. These resources are kept awake with any work that comes the way of the Business Partner which can be shared, including small projects that are not otherwise considered offshore candidates.

Offshore Development Center – This is the highest involvement model that has compensating cost savings going with it. Under this model, a dedicated development center for the business partner with multiple experienced engineers screened to the specifications of the business partner. The infrastructure in the development center is also exclusively dedicated the Business Partner.

  • Resource Ready- We train and manage a team of professionals who will suit project requirements and can be trained on an on-going basis as per the client requirements. This model offers clients the advantage of a dedicated work force with professional skills that exactly match business requirements.

Which engagement model should you choose? Savvy Computer Solutions advices you start with a project subcontracting model and move onto a Clutch team or to an offshore development center. While the subcontracting model is great for starters, it does not offer the price, resource lock-in that the other two models provide.Customers with a fairly big offshore plan will have to consider the offshore development center option seriously. But the Resource Ready model helps us to sustain as the implementers for the esteemed clients.